WORKSHOP: Voter-centred vs Politician-centred Perspectives on Democracy

Bucharest, November 4-5, 2020


The REDEM Workshop on Voter-centred vs Politician-centred Perspectives on Democracy seeks to engage with salient questions concerning voting and democracy. It aims to explore the different lenses through which voters and politicians look at these questions. The workshop will be inter-disciplinary, blending normative and empirically-oriented approaches within four debate panels. The workshop also aims to develop a strong public engagement component. Its two roundtables will draw on the knowledge and the experience of key electoral stakeholders - academics, politicians, prominent civil society experts on elections, and journalists. Topics to be covered include questions regarding electoral clientelism, different understandings of political representation, the ethical challenges of technological advances for voting (e.g., e-voting), the problem of voter motivation, the morality of abstaining from voting (especially in the case of referenda), and the electoral implications of dual citizenship, to name just a few. While some of the topics will be discussed at a more general level, the workshop aims to draw on the specifics of the Romanian and Eastern European contexts in order to shed light on the particular electoral experiences that voters and politicians experience within this geographic space, experiences which in turn shape their own views on democracy and voting.

The workshop will take place at the University of Bucharest in a hybrid physical/on-line presence format. Participation will be free of charge, but prior registration will be required in order to attend. Please follow this page for further organisation details and a full-detailed programme.